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It has a strong body construction. This is a 6+6 pulley(rollers) system . There ar 6 pulleys at the entrance as horizontal of which 2 of them hydraulic tightening. and at the wire exit part there are another 6 pulleys as vertical position of which 2 of them have hydraulic tightening . All of the 2 pulleys will have tungsten carbide coating and these pulleys have been designed good enough to clear off all of the particulars from every aspect located on the surface of the wire. These pulleys will lids in order not to damage the bearings. In order not to let the particulars leak out , there will be covers with strong sealing also there will be a suction whole on the machine for aspiration purposes. There will be a container on wheels to collect cleared off particulars. This machine is designed for the mechanical descaling of the wires in max. 12 mm diameter.

Wire diameter : Max. 12 mm
Pulley diameter : Ø100 – Ø140 mm
Hydraulic Unit : 2,2 Kw. AC motor , 4 lt/min. flow , 40 lt/min. storage
Electrical Panel : The panel will be located on the machine and this panel will contain start – stop
  buttons and hydraulic tightening switches .
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