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The basic electrodes which have been dried in the first furnace are put on to the electrode holding cases and the tips of the electrodes are covered with graphite. These cases are loaded into the furnace by means of manual forklift or fork lift truck and the doors of the furnace are shut. The first 2 hours the furnace is kept at 200°C with the damper is in open position. Afterwards, the damper is closed and the temperature of the furnace is increased up to 400°C and the electrodes are kept in this temperature for 3 hours. Before the doors of the furnace are open, first the heating system is stopped, the damper is opened and the furnace is cooled down up to 150°C.
Afterwards the doors of the furnace are opened and the electrodes are taken out. If the electrodes are in conformity with the specifications at 1000°C, then it is considered that the drying process has been completed successfully. In case the electrodes are not in conformity with these specifications, the drying process is continued.

Topic Specification
Dimensions of the furnace; : 2000 x 1450 x 1600 mm
Heating : by electricity
Electrical power : 120 Kw.
Maximum temperature  : Max. 500º C
Temperature control : PID kontrol
Capacity of the furnace : 150000 pcs. /1 charge (1charge=4-5 h)
Overall Machine Dimension : 3400 x 2100 x 3300 mm
Hot Air circulation : By means of fan, making sure that air will reach every point in the
furnace at equal temperature.
Power of Fan : 5.5 Kw.
No. of Fans : 2
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