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Home / Galvanised Wire Production Line / Rosette Type Galvanizes Wire Winding Machine
Rosette type galvanized wire winding machine is V-channel winding system. This system allows V-blocks with various diameter sizes to be wound on the same machine. It is also possible to make individual machines for each wire diameter. This machine is used for the winding process of the low and high carbon galvanized wires.

Type / Model   RGS-45 RGS-50 RGS-60 RGS-63 RGS-71
Block Diameter / Diametre du blocs mm 450 500 600 630 710
Rozzette / Roset   YES YES YES YES YES
Low Carbon Max./ Fil bas. Carbone max. mm 3,5 4 6 6,5 8
High Carbon Max. / Haute Carbone max. mm 3 3,5 5,5 6 7
High and Low Carbon Min./ Haute et bas.carbone min. mm 0,8 0,8 1 1,2 1,3
Speed Max. / Vitesse max. m/min 200 200 180 160 140
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