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Home / Wire Drawing Lines / Dry Wire Drawing Line / Rosette Type Wire Winding Machine
This is a system which enable the wire which comes from the coiller to be wound on wire basket in the shape of rosette. It has an elevator system and there is a ptocel sensor which detects quantity of wire wound. The machine let set quantity of wire go down for winding.

When the wire basket is full, the wire transferred on the basket by means of rollers which are opened to the sides. By doing so, the wire basket is taken out on the wheels.
Rosette shape is given on the machine and wire hoder is manufactured with an arm.

Elevator Motor : 2,2 Kw with gear reducer
Rosette Motor : 0,37 Kw with gear reducer
Wire traveller motor : 0,75 Kw with gear reducer
Basket : Trolley on wheels
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