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Wire Drawing Lines
Dry Wire Drawing Line
Dry Drawing Line With Rolling Cassette System
Wet Drawing Line
Copper & Aluminium Wire Drawing Machine
Gas Shielded Arc Welding Wire Production Line
Wet Wire Drawing Machine
Copper Coatıng Bath
Wire Winding Machine With Spool

Submerged Arc Welding Wire Productin Line (Saw)
Pay-Offs (with Dancer)
Wire Cleaning & Coating Baths
Wire Winding Machine
Submerged Arc Welding Wire Productin Line (Saw)
Pay-Offs (for strip)
Flux Cored-Wire Production Machine
Wire Winding Machine

Wire Cutting Line
Pay-Offs (With Dancer)
Wire Straightenin & Cutting Machine
Wire Planetary Line
Pay-Offs (With Dancer)
Wire Planetary Machine
Wire Flattening Machine
Wire Winding Machine With Spool

Galvanised Wire Production Line
Galvanised Wire Pay-Off
Rosette Type Galvanizes Wire Winding Machine
Wire Flattening Line
Pay-Offs (With Dancer)
Wire Flattening Machine
Wire Winding Machine With Spool

Production Of Welding Electrode
Electrode Press
Wire Feeding Unit
Electrode Press Conveyor Belt
Electrode Bricket Press
Eelctrode Extrusion Press
Wet Flux Mixing Machine
Drying Furnace For Basic Electrodes
Drying Furnace For Rutile Electrodes
Electrode Flux Peeling Machine
Electrode Aparting and Counting Belt
Turn Key Factory
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Wire Drawing Line Accessoires
Wire Pointing Machine
Butt Welding Machine
Die Machining For Angling And Conical Section
Wire Drawing Cassette
Lubricant Mixing tool
Rotating Die
Wire Puller
Wire Straigtening Pulley
Pneumatic Brake Chamber
Hydraulique Bobbin Tilting System
Die Rectify Machine(polishing)
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